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Laboratory Research Reagent

Laboratory Research Reagent



The Latest Cost-Effective Solution for Researchers 

The chemical reactions performed in research labs are all connected to a substance or compound called Reagent. Mainly the reagents are used in the occurrence of a response or sometimes to stop or prevent it. The term reactant is also used frequently for Reagent.

Fungi is an organism with a eukaryotic cell structure. It’s quite similar to the human cellular system and genes. Therefore, high-quality reagents are required to research it. The organism that is known to humans include Molds, Yeasts, and most popular mushrooms. Fungi are one of the significant research subjects of any lab. The reason is that we consume multiple forms of fungi as nutrition or medicine. Some fungi are highly dangerous for human beings and are potentially poisonous and need proper reagents to keep the researchers are other staff safe.

We Have a Cost-Effective Resolution

Since we are researching fungi for a long time, we understand the fungi’s DNA, gene, and cellular structure correctly. We present a proper solution for all the problems related to research reagents. Fungean Research Reagent is the best Reagent that meets all kinds of research labs’ requirements as it is unreactive on mammalians’ cells.


It’s the modern progressive element creation that’s accommodating for numerous purposes and leveling a massive variety of fungous researches with high potency. The reasons that mark this creation ground-breaking are:

  • Little Harmfulness to Mammalian Cells: The chemicals we have used are less reactive than the other mammalian cells. Which makes it the perfect solution for research labs.
  • Excellent Anti-Contamination Substance: Our product is best for biological research purposes as its one of the best anti-contamination reagents because of its high potency and low side effects.

Special Features:

  • FungeanTM is a highly potent and low toxicity fungicidal Reagent.
  • It is 20 – 30 times more potent than Fluconazole, clearing virtually all the fungi contamination
  • It has no cytotoxicity to the mammalian cell lineages at its effective concentration of 2ug/ml.

The Best and Only Fungean Manufacturer

We are well-known for the varied investigations that help us in getting novel descriptions of humanity. Therefore, we are the primary laboratory reagents wholesalers offering a comprehensive resolution to the fungi’ issues. The product is tested and is prepared under high QC standards. It’s 99% safer than the products available in the market.


We aim to flourish with our customers, and we are proud to be the first Fungean Laboratory Reagent SupplierThe charges are relatively inexpensive, and the excellence is unquestionable. The protection procedures we offer in delivery are high-standard. Consequently, the product is given to you carefully without any impurity.

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