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Fungean TM

Fungean TM

FUNGEAN: A newly developed chemical entity with broad fungicidal potency and low toxicity to mammalian cells and organs, ideal anti-contamination reagent for biology research purposes only.



The Latest Innovative Solution for Fungicides 

Fungi is an organism from the family of eukaryotic. Many organisms from this family are known to human beings until today, such as Molds, Yeasts, and most famous mushrooms. The cell structure of fungi is quite similar to human beings. Humans consume several types of fungi as food or medicine, but some are not suitable. Some fungi are highly dangerous for human beings and are potentially poisonous.

Many of these are infectious too, the fungi are an organism that reproduces rapidly as a microorganism, and many of them are dangerously infective for human beings. It’s a severe health concern. Multiple cases are reported annually regarding fungal infection and poisoning. There are many ways to prevent it, but treatment options are relatively less when it comes to treatment.

We Have a Solution

Since we understand the fungi’s DNA is quite similar to human beings. It’s very dangerous to use fungicides to kill these pathogens because changes can occur in cell linings by using these. Therefore, fungistatic is used in many cases. It doesn’t kill the fungi; however, it only stops the further growth of the organism. It’s a highly recommended and used treatment but isn’t as effective as fungicides.

It’s the factor that motivated Lazoni pharma to research this problem and develop the most innovative solution. We introduce fungean. It’s the latest advanced chemical product that’s helpful for multiple purposes and targeting a vast range of fungal infections with high potency. The perks that make this product innovative are:

  • Low Toxicity to Mammalian Cells: The chemicals that we have used are less dangerous. These have shown significantly less or almost no changes to the cell linings of Mammalian cell organs.
  • Ideal Anti-Contamination Reagent: Our product is best for biological research purposes as its one of the best anti-contamination reagents because of its high potency and low side effects.

Special Features:

  • FungeanTM is a highly potent and low toxicity fungicidal reagent.
  • It is 20 – 30 times more potent than Fluconazole, clearing virtually all the fungi contamination
  • It has no cytotoxicity to the mammalian cell lineages at its effective concentration of 2ug/ml.

The Best and Only Fungean Manufacturer

We are renowned for our diverse researches and bringing new solutions to humanity. Therefore, we are the first Fungean Manufacturers that are providing a complete solution to the fungi problems. The product is tested and is prepared under high QC standards. It’s 99% safer than the products available in the market.

We aim to grow with our business partners, and we are proud to be the first Fungean Supplier. The rates are quite affordable, and the quality is cent percent perfect. The safety measures we provide during shipping are high-standard. Therefore, the product is landed to you safely without any contamination.

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